Yummy Yummy –  Iberican Pâté

Pate is a food rich in vitamin B5 and vitamin B2.
Vitamin B5 helps us to combat stress and migraines.
Vitamin B2 is beneficial to maintaining good eye health and skin, improving nervous disorders.
All these nutritional characteristics, properties and benefits of the pate to your body do recommend for our health.

Sardina pate characteristics

Sardine is one of the most concentrated sources of the omega-3, it is also a superb source of bone-building calcium and contain surprisingly high concentrations of vitamin D. Sardine pate is something of a Portuguese specialty and it is absolutely delicious. In Portugal, sardine pate is one of the small dishes that is served before a meal with olives and a lovely bread which is unique to Portugal.

Spanish Pate characteristics

Spanish Pâté is simply a mixture of seasoned ground seafood, poultry, meat or vegetables. Common additions are   herbs, spices or Armagnac. The grind can be smooth and creamy or on the chunky side. It may be served hot or cold, molded or unmolded.